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About EPIC Engineering Comic

Hua Qian Ang DipEng, BEng(Hons), PhD, CPEng

Dr Hua Qian Ang (Vivian) completed her PhD in Engineering in 2017. She is a Chartered Engineer of Engineers Australia and an engineering educator and researcher at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. She is also a passionate cartoonist and illustrator. She hopes to make complex engineering topics, concepts and research engaging and memorable with EPIC Engineering Comic. Apart from teaching, Dr Ang is interested in research on light alloys and additive manufacturing and is also engaged in multiple volunteering roles. Dr Ang has received multiple awards and recognition in her career. Her complete profile can be viewed here.

The Founder

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Hua Qian Ang
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Serge Gavras BSc(Hons), PhD

Research Scientist

Department of Functional Magnesium Materials
Institute of Metallic Bio-materials
Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

EPIC Engineering Comic board member

Board Members

School of Engineering
RMIT University

Neng Zhang PhD


EPIC Engineering Comic board member
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Andrew Kher BEng

Engineering Manager

KCA Amusement World Sdn Bhd

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Gulshan Kumar PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus

EPIC Engineering Comic Board Member
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Origin of EPIC Engineering Comic

The Origin

EPIC signifies Experiential, Paired, Inquiry-based, and Collective learning. This is a modern teaching approach Dr Ang developed for engineering curriculum. 

This Engineering Comic idea was derived from EPIC, to communicate complex engineering concepts, topics, research in an easy-to-understand language, aiming to inspire and engage people into engineering.

EPIC Engineering Comic was founded in 2023.

General Mission

EPIC Engineering Comic Mission

The general mission of EPIC Engineering Comic is to impart authentic engineering knowledge and inspire people around the world into engineering through imaginative storytelling with visual arts.

More specifically, EPIC Engineering Comic aims to:

EDUCATE: Improve engineering learning by simplifying complex engineering topics, concepts, research into simple language

PROMOTE: Demonstrate to the world engineering is not all math and science, there is a different side of engineering – the evocative and fun side with creativity and imagination

INSPIRE: Develop engineering interest in young generation, especially in young females to bolster female representation in engineering

Educate Promote Inspire


To be the first destination for people to learn engineering with ease

EPIC Engineering Comic Vision

The Novelty of EPIC Engineering Comic

EPIC Engineering Comic is the world's first educational engineering comic series that adopts scientific journal-style format. Each episode is divided into multiple sections to make complex engineering topics engaging and memorable. Existing engineering comics focus on humour, and often do not accurately convey the engineering context. EPIC Engineering Comic focuses on the real engineering knowledge and it is created for teaching and independent learning, to build readers' engineering knowledge and interest.

Novelty of EPIC Engineering Comic

Rights and Permissions

EPIC Engineering Comic is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality and integrity in the content published. To ensure our published works convey accurate information, our works are peer-reviewed and contain citations to textbooks, peer-reviewed articles and other sources.

All images, artworks, published content are free to read online, but they may not be copied or reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of EPIC Engineering Comic. EPIC Engineering Comic retains all rights.

EPIC Engineering Comic may grant you permission to reuse, but you must email the founder, stating how and which artwork you would like to use. If you are granted permission to use the materials, you must provide a citation with name(s) of writer (w) and illustrator (i), episode number, title, EPIC Engineering Comic and publication date, as such:

Name 1(w), Name 2(i). Episode no, Episode Title. EPIC Engineering Comic. Publication Date.

For example, cite Episode 3 above as:


Hua Qian Ang (w, i). Episode 3, What are stress and strain in engineering. EPIC Engineering Comic. 3 Aug 2023.

Testimonial Section


"This innovative series will be instrumental to teaching engineering with ease. It is a powerful visual tool making complex topics easily comprehensible"

Presentation Tour

EPIC Engineering Comic Presentation Tour
  • RMIT Made with Adobe Showcase, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 22 Feb 2024

  • STEM Learning & Teaching Showcase, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 1 Dec 2023

  • Adobe x Creative Curriculum Salon, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 23 Nov 2023

EPIC Engineering Comic loves to tour your campus and offer you the unique opportunity to experience EPIC Engineering Comic. If you like us to deliver an interesting talk, feel free to contact us to arrange one! Some of our invited presentations listed below: 

Media Coverage


EPIC Engineering Comic Ten holding trophy
  • Best Poster Award (Comic Episode 11) in the Early Career Researcher category at RMIT Women Researchers' Network Symposium 2023.​

  • Informative Infographic Poster Prize (Comic Episode 11) at RMIT Bridging Innovations in Health, Science, and Technology Symposium 2023.

  • Edified Energiser Grant 2023 (2024 works supported by this grant)

  • 2023 Adobe x Creative Curriculum Grant (2023 works supported by this grant)

  • Featured in RMIT 2023 Annual Report.

  • Featured in RMIT STEM College Learning Teaching & Quality Newsletter August 2023 Edition.

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